Actuators : Spring Opposed Piston & Double Acting Piston

Actuators Spring Opposed Piston & Double Acting Piston

  • Theese range of pneumatic piston actuators has been designed to provide powerful high performance for automatic control valves.

  • Corrosion resistance to aggressive environments has led to careful consideration of component selection, whilst keeping in mind the need for weight reduction.

  • Safety is an important consideration and spring containment has been carefully addressed so that inadvertent energy release has been eliminated.

  • The foregoing conditions have led to unit being designed to accept air pressure up to 10 Bar, to provide thrust and stiffness.

  • The end caps, piston, stems and tie bars are all either carbon or stainless steel, with the cylinder being a strong light composite material called Black Amalgon.

  • This careful material selection makes the actuator inherently strong, durable and corrosion resistant.

  • The spring is contained in a cage and the spring cap is secured with HT steel tie rods and the nuts welded in place.

  • This cage cartridge design prevents accidental unbolting of a pre-compressed spring and possibility of a catastrophic energy release.

  • A further feature is the spring being contained inside the cylinder in a protected clean environment inhibiting atmospheric degradation.

  • The actuator is also available as a spring-less double acting unit for even greater bidirectional thrust.

Reference - Valve Solutions