ADMAG Yokogawa

  • ADMAG stands for
  • Ideal for measuring flow of most of conductive liquid.
  • Posses no moving parts, no pressure loss and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Highly accurate, shorter pipe length, bidirectional flow measurement and doesn’t require straight pipe lenghts.


E = B * V * D
B is magnetic flux density
V is fluid viscosity
D is pipe diameter

  • ADMAG series works with dual frequency excitation method.
  • Dual frequency excitation provides excellent immunity to noise & stability.
  • Spring loaded electrode material is leak free & chemically resistive.
  • Reinforced with metal plate provides strength in vacuum applications.
  • Liner material made up of ceramics, polyurethane rubber, natural soft rubber.
  • Grounding rings provide suppression against electrical interference.
  • Supports HART protocol only.

ADMAG AWX is simple, robust & large: 500 to 1800m(20 to 72 in)


  1. Paperppulp
  2. Food beverage
  3. Mining
  4. Waste water(seawage) & chemical industries.