Advantages and Disadvantages of Transit Time Flow Meter


Transmit time flow meter sends and receives the ultrasonic waves between transducers in both the upstream and downstream directions in the pipe.


At no flow conditions, It takes the same time to travel upstream and downstream between the transducers. Under flowing conditions, The upstream wave will travel slower and take more time than the downstream wave.

When the fluid moves faster, The difference between the upstream and downstream time increases. The difference in transit times in the upstream and downstream directions(Tu-Td) measured over the same path can be used to calculate the flow passing through a pipe.

Transmit time ultrasonic flow meters are more accurate and economical than the doppler ultrasonic flow meters.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Transit Time Flow Meter

The main advantage of the transit time flow meter is, that it works non-invasively with clean and ultrapure fluids.

This allows the user to maintain the integrity of the fluid while still measuring the flow.

Advantages of Transit Time Flow Meters:

Some of the other advantages include:

  1. Easy installation-transducer set clamps onto pipe.

  2. No moving parts to wear out.

  3. Zero pressure drop.

  4. Works well with clean and ultrapure fluids.

  5. No leakage potential.

  6. Insensitive to liquid temperature, viscosity, density or pressure variations.

Disadvantages of Transit Time Flow Meters:

The transit time flow meter perfomance can suffer from pipe-wall interference, accuracy and repeatability problems can result if there is any Space Gap between the fluid and pipe wall.

The transit time flow meters will not operate on dirty, bubbly, particulate-ladden fluids. Sometimes, the purity of a fluid may fluctuate so as to effect the accuracy of the flow measurement.

For such cases, there are Hybrid meters onthe market that will access the fluid conditions within the pipeand automatically choose doppler or transit time meter operations where needed.

Applications Of Transit Time Flow Meter:

Transit time flow meter have wide applicability for flow measurement of clean or ultrapure streams.

Some of the applications include:

  1. Clean water flowrate in water treatment plants.

  2. Hot or cold water in power plants.

  3. Pure and ultrapure fluids in pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

  4. Liquid to medium crude oils in the petroleum refining industry.

  5. Water distribution systems used in agriculture and irrigation.