Advantages of HVDC Transmission

Advantages of HVDC Transmission

i. Cheaper Costa: in DC transmission only 2 conductor is for positive’+’ and negative ‘-’ terminal less cross arms then 3 phase 3 wire AC system.

ii. No skin effect: No frequency in DC system i.e. no skin effect in dc, so there unifirm distribution of current over the section of conductor.

iii. Lower Transmission losses: HVDC transmission system needs only two conductors and , therefore the power loss in a dc line are lesser than the losses in ac line of the same power transfer capacity.

iv. Voltage regulation: There is no inductance , hence the voltage drop due to inductive rectance does not exist in DC transmission line. Thus voltage regulation is better in case of dc transmission.

v. Greater Reliability: A two-conductor bipolar is more reliable then a 3 wire 3 phase ac line because the dc line may be operated in a mono-polar mode with ground return when the other line develops a fault.

vi. No stability limit: There is no stability limit in dc system and transmission line may not length.

vi. lesser dielectric loss: The cables has lesser di-electric losses.