Advantages of Multiphase Flow Meters (MPFM)

Multiphase Flow Meters (MPFM)s are recognized to provide a number of additional benefits to O&G production:

  1. Production allocation metering: MPFM can be employed to reconcile oil, gas and water measurement at all entry and exit points of a production network, minimizing potential serious economic consequences in terms of taxes and custody transfer due to incorrect allocation;

  2. Fiscal or Custody transfer: when a single processing facility is shared by different producers, MPFMs can be used to meter the production from each license owner;

  3. Production Optimization: multiphase flowmeters are able to deliver real-time, continuous data concerning production of the different phases; therefore they can be very useful for reservoir management and for optimization of the production;

  4. Flow Assurance: The continuous measurement from MPFMs provide further information to detect potential issues in the production system.

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