Advantages of of Foundation FB

Through the use of Foundation FB, integrated components within the control and operation level emerge out of conventional device data. Through this, the protocol is characterised as an optimal interface for maintenance and installation planning. This is made clear by a list of the advantages:

  • More economic efficiency, as access is made possible to all device data and diagnoses and it can be done easily
  • Full interoperability, i.e. cooperation of all devices which have Foundation FB certification
  • Higher flexibility for manufacturing as a result of the optimized productivity of installations
  • Increased safety and reliability, which especially relates to the quality of the signals
  • Higher availability of the installation and the resulting reduction of the down-time
  • Access to the data required for transparency within process automation is always possible
  • Predictive maintenance through reliable and secure diagnosis data
  • Capacity for the exchangeability of devices
  • The ability of Foundation FB to be used in areas at risk of explosions
  • An improved information flow
  • Rapid data exchange
  • More openness through manufacturer independence