All About FOUNDATION fieldbus

Information in FOUNDATION fieldbus devices is organized in different kinds of blocks:

  • Resource block
  • Transducer blocks
  • Function blocks

The function blocks are referred to as the “Control Application” and the resource block and transducer blocks are referred to as the “Device Application”.

Each device has one resource block and one or more transducer and function blocks. Function blocks are the control strategy. There is one transducer block associated with each sensor or transducer.

Each block has some device diagnostics (and some setup parameters). However, in the past, the compartmentalization of information by blocks made troubleshooting of fieldbus devices cumbersome as diagnostics in different blocks did not appear on the same page in the device management software (the technician had to know which block to look at for each potential problem to be checked).

However, now “device level access” (aka “cross-block”) makes FOUNDATION fieldbus devices easier to use by displaying all diagnostics on one page. Technicians will not have to worry about different kinds of blocks.

Function blocks

Troubleshooting of the function blocks (the control strategy problems) is normally done from the DCS engineering station, by system engineers, not instrument technicians.

Transducer and Resource blocks

Transducer blocks and the resource blocks are for troubleshooting of the device itself, normally handled from the intelligent device management software.

A device may have several transducer blocks including for example: sensor transducer block, actuator transducer block, display transducer block, and other transducer blocks for special features such as advanced diagnostics, flow computer etc