Applications of PLC

The simple suitable application is a conveyor system. The requirements of the conveyor systems are as follows:

  • A programmable logic controller is used to start and stop the motors of the conveyor belt.
  • The conveyor system has three segmented conveyor belts. Each segment is run by a motor.
  • To detect the position of a plate, a proximity switch is positioned at the segment’s end.
  • The first conveyor segment is turned ON always.
  • The proximity switch in the first segment detects the plate to turn ON the second conveyor segment.
  • The third conveyor segment is turned ON when the proximity switch detects the plate at the second conveyor.
  • As the plate comes out of the detection range, the second conveyor is stopped after 20 secs.
  • When the proximity switch fails to detect the plate, the third conveyor is stopped after 20 secs
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