Applications of SCADA

SCADA is widely used in different areas from chemical, gas, water, communications and power

The list of applications of SCADA can be listed as follows.

  1. Electric power generation, transmission and distribution: Electric utilities use SCADA
    systems to detect current flow and line voltage, to monitor the operation of circuit breakers, and
    to take sections of the power grid online or offline.

  2. Water, Waste Water Utilities and Sewage: State and municipal water utilities use SCADA to
    monitor and regulate water flow, reservoir levels, pipe pressure and other factors.

  3. Buildings, facilities and environments: Facility managers use SCADA to control HVAC,
    refrigeration units, lighting and entry systems.

  4. Oil and Gas Trans & Distributions:

  5. Wind Power Generation

  6. Communication Networks:

  7. Industrial Plans and Process Control:

  8. Manufacturing: SCADA systems manage parts inventories for just-in-time manufacturing,
    regulate industrial automation and robots, and monitor process and quality control.

  9. Mass transit and Railway Traction: Transit authorities use SCADA to regulate electricity to
    subways, trams and trolley buses; to automate traffic signals for rail systems; to track and
    locate trains and buses; and to control railroad crossing gates.

  10. Traffic signals: SCADA regulates traffic lights, controls traffic flow and detects out-of-order

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