Basics of Condition Monitoring System (CMS)

The objective of the Condition Monitoring System (CMS) is to apply state of the art CM techniques to large critical rotating machines.

The large critical rotating equipment require monitoring of mechanical vibration and bearing temperatures to ensure maintenance and reliability personnel receive information on the equipment condition at all times, and that in extreme running situation the affected machinery is automatically shutdown.

Condition Monitoring System (CMS)

The objective of the CMS is to apply state of the art CM techniques to achieve the following as a minimum

• Fewer breakdowns as a result of proactive detection of impending failures.

• Greater productivity through enhanced uptime.

• Reduced costs through improved planning, and maintenance scheduling.

• Confidence to extend maintenance intervals.

• Superior equipment performance by means of rapid diagnosis of machine inefficiencies and faults.

• Prolonged machine life through optimised maintenance scheduling.

• Higher product quality resulting from optimal machine performance.

• Reduced energy costs through the identification of heat loss.

• Increased plant safety through plant integrity.

• Reduced or deferred capital expenditure through superior asset utilisation.

• Reduced stores inventories.

• Record history of machinery data for future analysis.

Many leading manufacture provides package for consition monitoing system as a full-feature monitoring system that supports:

• increasing plant safety

• reducing plant operating costs

• improving product quality

• maximizing plant availability