Benefits of Programmable Controllers

Benefits of Programmable Controllers are -

  1. Programmable controllers are made of solid state components and hence provide high reliability.
  2. They are flexible and changes in sequence of operation can easily be incorporated due to programmability. They may be modular in nature and thus expandability and easy installation is possible.
  3. Use of PLC results in appreciable savings in Hardware and wiring cost.
  4. They are compact and occupy less space.
  5. Eliminate hardware items like Timers, counters and Auxiliary relays. The presence for timers and counters has easy accessibility.
  6. PLC can control a variety of devices and eliminates the need for customized controls.
  7. Easy diagnostic facilities are provided as a part of the system. Diagnosis of the external systems also becomes very simple. Thus easy service/maintenance.
  8. Programming devices provide operator friendly interface with the machine. Being an outcome of the latest art of electronics technology, Programmable controllers provide higher level of performance with computers is possible. Useful management data can be obtained and maintained.
  9. It has total protections against obsolescence and has wide scope for upgradation.
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