Boiler Cold Start up

Pre check up for cold start up of boiler :-

  1. Check all maintenance work are completed and all permit are returned.
  2. Check all foreign materials has been removed vfrom the pressure parts
  3. Check all access doors are closed.
  4. Check all equipments are trial run successfully.
  5. Check all interlock test and prior test to startup are completed.
  6. Check no jamming in rotary equipment , lubrication oil , cooling water system is normal.
  7. Check all the oil level meter are in operation.
  8. Check all the position of valve is normal.
  9. Check HFO & LDO pump are running in re circulation.
  10. Fill the deaeretor with initial filling line.

Conform the position of the following valves:-

  1. All blow down and drain valves on boiler and water wall should be closed condition.

  2. All boiler and super heater filling valves are closed condition.

  3. Soot blower master steam valve should be closed condition.

  4. Main steam line stop valve should be closed condition.

  5. De-super heater spray valve should be closed condition.

  6. Drum vents should be open condition.

  7. Super heater header drains should be open condition.

  8. Fill the boiler with initial filling line and observe the water coming from the vent of economizer, drum vents, and super heater vents sequentially.

  9. CBD and IBD drains should be closed condition.
    Start Boiler light up:-

  10. Start the (ACW) industrial cooling water system.

  11. Start the instrument air compressor.

  12. Start the APH motor it that is rotary APH.

  13. Put the auxiliary steam system (PRDS) in operation for oil heating.

  14. Start the ID and FD fan.

  15. Start the scanner air fan.

  16. Start the HFO/LDO pump with recirculation.

  17. Adjust the fan speed and opening of dampers , increase the air flow up to 30% of total air flow.

  18. Maintain the furnace draft of approximately -4 mm.

  19. Start boiler feed water pump and keep drum level as per purge permissive.

  20. Make sure all purge permissive are satisfying and start purge for 5 minutes.

  21. Start the oil burners by maintaining furnace draft.

  22. Visually check the flame of the oil burner is that healthy or not.

  23. When prepare for heavy fuel firing, be sure that atomizing steam is in service and oil temperature reach to permissive value.

  24. Change the position of oil guns on each elevation for uniform heating of furnace.

  25. Increase the furnace temperature by 5 deg c per minute.

  26. The firing should be continued nearly 08 hours.
    18)Start the HP dosing pump with minimum stroke.

  27. Observe the drum upper and lower metal temperature increase uniformly.

  28. Close the drum vents when drum pressure reaches to 2 kg/cm2.

  29. Observe the expansion reading of boiler within limit.

  30. Close the main steam line vent when the pressure reaches to 5 kg/cm2.

  31. Charge the auxiliary steam line and connect to common header if available.

  32. Check all drains of the boiler should be closed condition.

  33. Slowly open the main steam line bypass valve.

  34. Observe all condensate removed from line and open slowly main steam valve to turbine and observe hammering of steam line.
    27)Charge the sample cooler line and ask D.M plant operator to check all the parameter of water and steam.

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