Boiler Feedwater Pumps

Boiler feedwater pumps purpose as the supply process to steam boiler, supplying pressurized water into steam boiler. Boiler feedwater pumps perform that by using suction via feedwater heater in deaerator and moving feedwater directly into steam boiler by way of the heater of pressurized feedwater. There are a lot of techniques offered to supply adequate suction head to boiler feedwater pumps and control volume of feedwater.

One technique to manage volume is to utilize a adjustable part of boiler feed pump such as motor of speed drive. A different technique is to utilize electric motor operating on consistent speed, combined to adjustable speed drive of hydraulic. In which the expenditure of a adjustable speed drive just isn’t validated or desired, volume could be managed through throttling valve mounted among boiler and pump. A determination varies according to whether the funding expenditure of adjustable speed drive is countered through savings within electric power. Control valve of feedwater needs high pressure drop to get correct operation; for that reasons the boiler feedwater pumps should get added in head capacity.

In the following kind of procedure, condensate in deaerator is going to be condensed, needing deaerator for being heightened as far as doable on top of boiler feedwater pumps to produce adequate NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) with regard to pump. That elevation may perhaps need more cost of piping isntallation and structural that may be countered by the assembly of enhancer pumps which give suction head extra pertaining to boiler feedwater pumps.

At least 2 feedwater pumps are generally established, according to the requirement to keep capability in case of pump malfunction. This installation enables one pump stop to do regular maintenance, for example fixing electric driving motor, changing packing or bearing seals.

Feedwater recirculation returning to deaerator is essential if one speed motor is applied and stream reaches or under the pump’s lowest stream. Steam turbine is frequently utilized to generate feedwater pumps since the velocity of pump and turbine might be different such as a adjustable speed motor. Recirculation of programmed control valve is managed through the operation’s dispersed control program could execute this purpose. Pumps must be in recirculation function as few as doable to increase energy benefits.

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