Boiler Rating

Boiler rating is a rating that shows performance and productivity of boiler. There are 3 forms unit to show boiler rating which are generally applied; Boiler horsepower (BOHP), kW rating, and ‘From and at’ rating.

Boiler horsepower (BoHP)

Boiler horsepower (BoHP) is one of unit to show boiler rating, BoHP is commonly applied exclusively in the New Zealand, Australia, and USA. At New Zealand, BoHP rating is formula of area of heat transfer and applies to heating surface of 17 ft2 in the boiler, seeing that shown in the following equation:

Boiler Horsepower (BoHP) = area of heat transfer (ft2) x (1/17)

Boiler horsepower (BoHP) isn’t normally acknowledged conversion component of 1 horsepower = 746 Watts and also the frequently recognized 550 ft lbf/s doesn’t use.

kW rating

Several boiler makers can express boiler rating in form of kW. kW rating isn’t the rate of evaporation and also this rating be more responsive to similar aspect of ‘from and at’ rating. To determine the exact evaporation by way of mass, it can be earliest important to recognize the steam pressure which is generated and the feedwater temperature, to be able to determine the amount of energy is put in to each one kg of water. Boiler rating with kW form can be calculated by using following equation:

Boiler rating (kW) = Steam output (kg/h) / ((3600 s/h) / (added energy in kJ/kg))

“From and at” rating

This rating is commonly applied as a datum simply by steam boiler makers to provide boiler rating that indicates the quantity of steam in kilo gram per hour (kg/h) that boiler may generate at atmospheric pressure, “from and at 100°C”. Each one kilogram of steam could subsequently has obtained heat 2.257 kJ.

Steam boiler is frequently run by using temperature of feedwater under 100°C. Therefore boiler is needed to provide enthalpy to deliver water upward to boiling stage. A lot of steam boilers operate at pressures greater compared to atmospheric pressure, due to the fact that steam at an increased pressure provides extra heat energy compared to steam at temperature of 100°C.

The following requires more enthalpy of water in saturation temperature. When the pressure of steam boiler increases, the temperature of saturation will be enhanced, requiring extremely enthalpy previous to feedwater is delivered around boiling temperature.

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