Classification Steel Pipes and Tubes

Classification Steel Pipes and Tubes

Steel pipe & tubes are classified by the following methods:

Manufacture: Method Broadly Classified as Seamless & Welded.

  • Seamless method is further classified as Hot Finished & Cold Drawn.

  • Welded are classified as ERW, SAW, CDW, SW, MMAW.

Steel Chemistry: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel.

  • Carbon Steel are further classified as low, Medium, high carbon, manganese steel.

  • Alloy steel are further classified by composition of chrome & moly.

  • Stainless steel are classified by their various composition of Nickel, crome, moly etc.

End Use;

  • Tubes are used to transferred heat load through its walls (Thickness)

  • Pipes are used to transfer heat loads through its Bore