Condensing Chamber Unit for Level Measurement

The condensing chamber unit is in connection with a differential pressure transmitter designed for level measurement in boiler drums of higher pressure.


The condensing chamber unit consists of a Condensing pot, 2 vertical tubes, a T-drilled piece, and 2 branch sockets. The Centre to Centre distance is to be chosen wider than the measuring span.
The condensing pot is not to be insulated ensuring that the steam will condensate in the pot. The liquid level will correspond to the height of the upper branch socket. The bended vertical tube is consequently fully contained with water.

The liquid level in the boiler is also created in the straight tube.

The level measurement is produced by measuring the hydrostatic pressure differential between the 2 legs.

In order to obtain higher measuring accuracy at higher temperatures one tube is bended in order to be close to the other tube to ascertain the same temperature in both tubes, due to the fact that the density of water varies with the temperature.

It is recommended to insulate the 2 legs between the condensing pot and the T-piece.

The bore in the T-piece is inclined in order to ensure that sediment is returned to the boiler.

The condensing pot is provided with a flanged filling point.