Control Valve Accessories


  • It is used for manual operation of control valve during start up or event failure.
  • They are frequently used when lockup or bypass valves are not provided.

2.Limit switches and solenoid

  • Limit switches are mounted on top to operate signal lights for valve position, valve operation or alarm.
  • Solenoid valve may be provided for remote loading and unloading of valve.

3.Booster relay

4. Lockup Valve

5.Capacity tank

6. Transducers

  • Electronic control loops require I/P converter when control valve is pneumatically operated.
  • If control valve is subjected to vibrations they must be mounted on rigid support.

7. Jacketed bodies

  • They are required when valve body needs to be heated.
  • They provide efficient and uniform heating using copper tubing tracing.


  • Most common accessory is air filter regulator.
  • Filter removes air-particulates.

9.Ratio & reversing relays:

  • A ratio relay is used to multiply or divide inlet pressure
  • Reversing realy is used when control action needs to be reversed
    E.g. Split range valve may be operated where one is air to open and other is air to close.
  • A reversing relay might be used with one of the valves to achieve desired action.

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