DC Analog Input Module

The Analog Input card is designed to sense either voltage or current. The following options are available:

􀁸 4-20 mA
􀁸 0-20 mA
􀁸 -20 – +20 mA
􀁸 0 – 10 VDC
􀁸 -10 - +10 VDC

The module is equipped with 16 bit ADC giving a full resolution of 15 bit (32768 counts) plus 1 sign bit. The input mode of the card is selected during configuration. The card provides 1.5kV isolation with surge and overload protection on earth channels.

The card has an accuracy of 0.1%. The module can be mounted in any of the I/O slots in the backplane, and can be hot-swapped (i.e., module can be replaced without powering down the backplane).