Design Requirements for CHP

The sizing and selection of the vital equipment i.e., crushers,screens,paddle feeders etc. covered under the system shall be based on the following characteristics of coal and operation conditions :

  1. Two conveyors must be established (1W,1S) for smooth running of plant.
  2. Simultaneous running of both conveyors at rated capacity is essential.
  3. Round the clock operation of coal handling plant is essential.
  4. Coal delivered to the power station shall be of size :300 mm & below (Occasionally 1-2% coal of 400 mm lumps may be allowed.
  5. H.G.I of the coal shall be between 45 to 65.
  6. Moisture content in coal will vary between 12% to 15% (For design purpose 20% is considered)
  7. The coal may have max of 20% of shale and sand stone.
  8. For volumetric computation the bulk density of coal shall be taken as 800 Kg/M3
  9. All hoppers and tunnels provided with 2 No. sump pumps (1W+1S)
  10. The coal unloading ysystem shall be capable of unloading the rake within time.
  11. The wagon tipplers shall be "ROTA SIDE " type and the angle of tippling is 150deg by giving 60 deg angle to the side of the wagon for emptying the coal contents into the hopper.
  12. The tippler designed to allow passage of BROAD GAUGE (1676 mm) track over tippler table.
  13. The Wagon tippler hopper shall have capacity of 3 wagons i.e.180 tons .
  14. The steel grating of mesh size 300mm X 300mm over wagon tippler hopper.
  15. Belt Weigher shall be designed for a range of 20% to 120% of rated capacity.
  16. RING GRANULATORS type crusher shall be provided for sizing the input coal to (-) 20mm (from 300mm).
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