Design Soot Blowing System

The design soot blowing system should furnish well experienced and approved steam jet type sootblowers for the superheater, generating bank, economizer and air heater. The design soot blowing system should arrange the sufficient number of sootblowers for the above mentioned equipment.

If additional soot blowing equipment is necessary to maintain the proper surface conditions of superheater, generating bank, economizer, or air heater, additional equipment with all piping and wiring should be furnished without any addition to the contract price during the guaranteed period.

A complete soot blowing system consisting of all controls, actuators, piping, valves, control panels, including all necessary starters, switches, relays, protection devices, etc., should be provided. Steam from high pressure auxiliary steam header should be used as the cleaning medium. An air operated isolating valve controlled from the remote control panel should be provided to allow isolation of the soot blowing steam.

Complete remote control system for each sootblower, including all switches, relays, signal lamps, sequences, etc., should be provided and installed in the central control room to supervise operation of blowers.

The system should be able to allow local manual operation of each sootblower in case of test or failure of remote control system. The remote control panel should be of the mimic type suitable for flush mounting. The panel should be complete and fully wired and tubed with clearly identified terminal blocks and strips.

The panel should be mounted on the auxiliary control panel in the central control room. All motor starters for the boiler sootblowers should be furnished. Motor starters should be of magnetic type mounted on each sootblower with thermal trip relays and start-stop push buttons for local operation.

Retractable sootblowers should be provided with a hand crank or drive nut for withdrawing the lance tube in case of power failure. Sootblowers should be installed in such a manner as to permit boiler expansion without binding or unbalanced loading. A complete system of sealing air piping should be furnished to seal the wall sleeves if necessary.

A complete system of aspirating air piping to permit removal of blower of should be furnished if necessary. Sealing air and aspirating air piping should have flexible hoses to permit boiler expansion without binding.

Any drain attack due to soot blowing on superheater, generating bank, economizer and air heater element should be absolutely prevented. Special consideration should be given to the method of efficient draining and heat insulation. Any other cleaning system on heating surfaces of flue gas side should be given a special consideration and should be approved by the engineer.

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