Difference between Isolator and Circuit Breaker

Difference between Isolator and Circuit Breaker:

  • Isolator is an off-load device while, circuit breaker is an on-load device.
  • Isolator is a switch operated manually, which separate the circuit from the power main and discharges the trapped charges in the circuit.
  • Circuit breakers operate automatically, triggered by electromechanical mechanism inside and are a safety feature for abnormal loads and voltages in the circuit.
  • C.B. is an Electronic device made by using MOSFET or BJT. ISOLATOR is a Mechanical device which acts as a switch.
  • Isolator cuts out a portion of a substation when a fault occurred. The other devices operate without any interruption. The Circuit breaker is a device known as an Automatic circuit breaker (ACB) or Miniature circuit breaker (MCB), which trips the entire system if any fault occurs and thus the whole system is affected.
  • Isolators have the low withstand capacity as compared to that of Circuit Breaker.
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