Differences Between LVDT and RVDT

  1. The LVDT converts the linear displacement into alternating current. And the RVDT converts the angular displacement into the alternating current.
  2. The LVDT stands for Linear variable displacement transformer while the RVDT stands for Rotatory variable displacement transformer.
  3. The core of the LVDT is rectangular, and the core of RVDT is the cam in shape.
  4. The LVDT measures the displacement in the range of ±100μm to ±25cm, and the RVDT measures the angular displacement up to ±40º.
  5. The LVDT has high sensitivity. It is approximately 2.4mv per volts per degree of rotation. Whereas, the sensitivity of the RVDT is in the range of 2 to 3mv per volt per degree of rotation.
  6. The input voltage range of LVDT is from 1V to 24V RMS, and the input voltage for RVDT lies up to 3V RMS.
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