[Download] Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)

A P&ID shows information on piping, fittings, equipment, instrumentation, and process plant in a representative and sequential arrangement on the basis of product flow paths.

The P&ID layout does not necessarily reflect physical arrangements. A P&ID is not drawn to scale.

Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID).pdf (1.8 MB)

source - sawater


Hi Mike, I am still learning how to build pipe & instrumentation diagrams, I was wondering if you could show me some of your sketches on how to create a water cooled single-pass shell and tube heat exchanger, and how to bypass a heat exchanger when a output flow from a mix tank agitator is already too cool and should bypass a heat exchanger by a new route into the final storage tank. I been putting pressure indicators on pipe and turning them into remote controller by putting a line through the indicators, though I am not sure how to get better at drawing these diagrams, i’ll show you a copy of one of my first diagram.

PTAC 1432 - drawing diagrams exercise 1 & 2 Fall 2017.doc (27 KB) PTAC 1432 Lab P&Id Exercise 3 - Fall 17.doc (27 KB)