Dpharp Yokogawa


  • Dpharp ( differential pressure high accuracy resonant pressure transmitter) is one of most )widely used pressure transmitter used to determine pressure, level & flow.
  • They can be connected to HART, FF, ISA100 Wireless standard and Profibus.
  • It uses single crystal arrangement which gives uniform atomic arrangement which provides elasticity, stability & no hysteresis.
  • An isolated diaphragm is conveyed through oil filled capillaries.
  • Sensor posses a pair of H-shaped silicon resonators.


  • They vibrate at natural frequency in resting state, and when fluid flows a change in frequency is expressed in terms of differential pressure.
  • High sensitivity & linearilty.
  • Minimum ambient temperature & inline pressure effects.
  • Multisensing( able to sense dp/static pressure, level, flow, & temperature too{able to monitor flange temperature})
  • Real time compensation.
  • Fast response time.