Electrical Lock-Out

a… Three Phase Systems - The breaker will be shut off and padlocked. Lock-out of local control ‘OFF-ON’ switches is not an acceptable electrical lock-out. Any equipment that is being permanently dismantled must have the electrical leads disconnected at the motor control centre, the wires pulled out of the motor control centre. taped together and left in the above motor control centre. These wires should be left with a permanent tag identifying their previous service. On the motor end, all wires will be taped and left enclosed in an electrical fitting.

b. Single Phase Systems - Includes motors both 110 and 220 volt, solenoid valves, pressure switches, pilot devices and field powered instruments. The preferred way to lock-out these devices is to padlock the control switch located at the device itself. If the device does not have a switch, then to lock-out, the power must be turned off at the lighting panel and a "DANGER’ tag attached.