[Error] Upper Trim Differential Pressure Calibration of HART Transmitter

Please help me to correct the error i am getting during upper trim differential pressure calibration of 3051S hart transmitter (MVT). The range is 0 to 500 mbar. The trim points are 0 and 500 mbar. I apply 500 mbar, the transmitter read 460 mbar, when I try to correct it i get that error.

Excess correction attempted message during upper trim for 3051S using AMS Trex Field Communicator


Select trim points near the range limits unless the transmitter’s documentation specifies otherwise.

If you get an error message that for the selected trim point there is an excess correction, sometimes you can solve the problem by doing a series of Sensor Trims in small steps from the previous trim point toward the desired trim point.


HART Transmitter Guide.pdf (569.9 KB)


Thank you John, I tried this yesterday, for example, applied pressure is 500mbar, the tx is reading 464mbar, when I trim by entering 470mbar, it works.

Next time the tx read 470mbar, if I trim 475 mbar, it gives me the error. I thought going slowly could do the job


Do factory reset and try again.