ESSAR Instrumentation and Control Interview Questions and Answers

I hope it is time for the final year students to prepare for placement and this post is to share Mr.Patel’s Interview experience.

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ESSAR instrumentation paper on 18th may, Gandhi nagar.

Hello friend, my name chandresh patel from government engineering college gandhinagar, sec-28 & want to share my experience about selection procedure of ESSAR.

60% aggregate marks.

Selection process:-

Online written test:-

4 sections:- Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning, English, Technical.

It is the most important round of the selection process. The first three sections are easy & if you prepare well for aptitude from R S Agrwal. Then it won’t be a problem. But the time is very less so u must be fast.

For the technical section, they asked basic question from the whole instrumentation. for this Section u must prepare well. They asked from all the subject of previous semester. So the basic fundamental must be clear.

Some of questions like…
Range of any specific type thermocouple.
About plc & dcs.
Digital technology.(flip-flop etc…)
Transducers & their principles.
op-amp based question.
4-20ma related questions.
After this written section the result was declared & fortunately i was selected for group discussion.

Group discussion:
This part is put just for formality. No one was eliminated from this round.

Personal interview:-
There were two sections in personal interview.

In technical, they asked me about myself, and then start some technical question related to plc & dcs. Control valves, three element boiler control, and cascade, discuss my 8th semester project. The sir was very friendly & asks me about my interest & it was great experience. The main thing is your confidence & must be confident.

In HR, they asked me very simple question like why do u want to join essar? , family background, why don’t u want to study further. just answer honestly. Don’t be over smart. After 15 days they send result to out college TPO. & i was selected.

Best of luck…