Explain about Cable Gland?

Cable gland is a cable fitting used for cable penetration into the equipment and make secure connection between cable and the equipment.


Cable gland also provides several functions in cable installation as follows:

  • As a cable strain-relief

  • To seal the equipment form surrounding ambient hence maintaining the characteristic of the equipment. The explosion proof equipment/panel shall have Eexd certified cable gland to make the explosion proof protection does not void

  • provision for making electrical connection to the mechanical protection i.e. armour or braid

The selection of cable gland shall consider several following factors:

  • Material, the enviromental condition and particle that cable gland might be exposed to

  • Size, depends on the intended cable size/diameter

  • Type of protection, Eexd/Eexe or general purpose

  • Cable type to be attached, armored/non-armoured

  • The required Degree of Ingress protection

Cable glands are tools which are essential when terminating cables in harsh or hazardous environments.

These are settings where grounding, sealing and ingress protection is vital to pass a cable safely.

They offer strain relief and are made to include electrical flames or sparks which might happen in a hazardous setting.

In case you didn’t know yet, a cable gland also serves as a seal, blocking outside contaminants from causing any damage to the electrical and cable system like:

  • fluids
  • dirt;
  • dust

Ultimately, they avoid cables from being pulled out or twisted out of the machine.

That’s because they help to offer a secure connection between the machine and cable to which it’s connected.
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