FCE structure

Part 1 - audition.
Duration - 40 minutes.

In this part, your understanding of English speech for rumor is estimated. You will listen to short performances, conversations, interviews and other conversational formats in English.

On the exam, each record is made twice. After that, Essay Writer Service has a list of 30 questions and tasks on those lyrics that you listened.

Tip: Do not think too long over the answers in this part. If you think for a long time, skip the next entry and you will not be able to perform the following task. It is better to concentrate as much as possible on the recording itself, so that it is better to remember what we were talking about.

Part 2 - speaking.
Duration - 14 minutes.

The latest FCE section checks your skills to talk in English. Usually, students pass this part in pairs in a separate room from other students in the presence of an examiner and a neutive speaker. Depending on the test center, this stage of the exam can be transferred to another day from the writing part.

The oral test consists of four short subsections, where in the first two you are saying myself, and in the following - with another candidate.

Tip: Use body language and gestures as if you communicate with a familiar person. Briefly answer the partner’s replicas for this part of the exam and ask counter questions - as we would do in real conversation.

3 examination exam
Since 2016, for all Cambridge English Exams, the same estimated scale is used. Lower level tests are estimated by a smaller number of points, and complex tests - assessed by higher points.

The FCE scores vary from 140 to 190. The result is 160 or higher is considered successful. Students with such a score receive Cambridge First Certificate, which corresponds to the B2 level (Upper-Intermediate). Students who scored 180 or higher on the FCE will receive the C1 (Advanced) certificate. The result below 160 means that you have an average level - B1.

For more info: https://kingessay.com/impromptu-speech-topics.php