Features of SCADA

Features of SCADA control systems like discussed in detail in the below points.

Features of SCADA

  • Intelligent Alarming
    Intelligent and combinatorial techniques for filtering alarms are provided so that only important alarms are presented to the operator.

  • Web Connectivity
    Casual users can have access to system displays and data via an Internet Web interface.

  • SCADA study mode
    Previously saved real-time snapshot sets can be reloaded and viewed on tabular and single-line diagrams.

  • SCADA Playback
    monarch’s SCADA allows the capture and live playback of real-time system data and events.

  • Automating Switching Power Flow Analysis
    Advisory fast automatic power flow is available during switching operation and prior to control execution.

  • Real-time State Estimator Filtering
    Real-time telemetry can be replaced with filtered state estimated data at the scan periodicity.

  • Telemetry Reassignment
    Display selection mode allows switching between real-time and estimated data.

  • Data Visualizations
    Powerful data visualization techniques allow effective comprehension of system state using simple common sense graphics.

  • NOMADIC Access
    Real-time displays can be accessed on remotely attached PCs and notebooks using low-speed dial-up lines.

  • Data and Alarm Query

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SCADA Functions

1:-Dynamic Process Graphics , MIMIC,GUI (Graphical User Interface).

2:-Real Time & Historical Trends.

3:-Visual ,Animated ,Time stamped, Value base Alarms.

4:-Multiple access & Monitoring Security.

5:-Recipe Management, Scripting for Interlock & events.

6:- Dynamic Data Exchange between user friendly softwares.

7:- Device connectivity.

8:- Data base.

9:-Object linking and embedding with controllers.

10:-SPC - Sequential /Statistical Process chart.

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