Fieldbus : FF Acronyms

Ack Acknowledge
AE Application Entity
AI Analog Input
AO Analog Output
AP Application Program
AP Application Process
APDU Application Layer Protocol Data Unit
AR Application Relationship
AREP Application Relationship End Point
ARP Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol
ARPM Application Relationship Protocol Machine
ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation 1
BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol
CAP Control Application Process
Cas Cascade
CD Compel Data
CFF Capability File Format
CFF Common File Format
CNF Confirmation
CNLS Connectionless
COM Communication
Config Configuration
CONN Connection-Oriented
CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detect
DAP Device Application Process
DCS Distributed Control System
DD Device Description
DDL Device Description Language
DevId Device Identifier
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuratin Protocol
DI Discrete Input
DL Data Link
DLCEP Data Link Connection End Point
DLL Data Link Layer
Dlme Data Link Layer Management Entitity
DLPDU Data Link Protocol Data Unit
DLSAP Data Link Service Access Point
DMA Direct Memory Access
DNS Do Not Select
DO Discrete Output
DPS Draft Preliminary Specification
DS Data Structure
DTC Data Transfer Confirmed
DTU Data Transfer Unconfirmed
DUT Device Under Test
DV Dynamic List of Variable List
EFD (High Speed) Ethernet Field Device
EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol
EP Ethernet Presence
EPI Ethernet Presence Interface
ERR Error
EU Engineering Unit
FAS Fieldbus Access Sublayer
FB Function Block
FBAP Function Block Application Process
FDA Field Device Access
FDA Field Device Application (Agent)
FDA Field Device Access Agent
FDA Field Device Access
FDL Fieldbus Data Link Layer
FF Fieldbus Foundation
FFB Flexible Function Block
FMS Fieldbus Message Specification
FMS Fieldbus Messaging System
FS Final Specification
FSA Fail-Safe Active
FSA Fault Statefail -Safe Active
FSPM FDA Service Protocol Machine
Gen Generic
H1 Hunk 1
HFD HSE Field Device
HL Link Designator of a four-octet LONG DL-address
HL.N.S Four-octet LONG DL-address
HLD Higher Level Device
HMA HSE Management Agent
HSE High Speed Ehternet
I/O Input / Output
IA Initialization Acknowledge
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICS Implementation Conformance Statement
ID Identifier
Id Identifier
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol
IMan Initialization Manual
IND Indication
INFO Informational
IP Internet Protocol
IPv4 Internet Protocol, Version 4
IPv6 Internet Protocol, Version 6
IR Initialization Request
IT Information Technology
IUT Implementation Under Test
LAN Local Area Network
LAS Link Active Scheduler
LD Linking Device
LDM Last Delivered Message
LLC Logical Link Control
LME Layer Management Entity
LO Local Override
LOP Local Operator Panel
LRE LAN Redundancy Entity
LS Link Schedule
LSB Least Significant Bit
LUV Last Usable Value
MAC Medium Access Layer
MAC Medium/Media Access Control
MAI Multiple Analog Input
MAO Multiple Analog Output
MAU Medium Attachment Unit
Max. Maximum
Mb/s Megabits per second
MDI Multiple Digital Input
MDI Multiple Discrete Input
MDO Multiple Digital Output
MDO Multiple Discrete Output
MDS Medium Dependent Sublayer
Mfr. Manufacturer
MIB Management Information Base
MIB-II Management Information Base II
MSB Most Significant Bit
Msg Message
MVC Multi-Variable Container object
N.S. Sub-link Selector of a four-octet LONG DL-address
NI Not Invited
NM Network Management
NMA Network Management Agent
NMIB Network Management Information Base
NST Network Status Table
NTP Network Time Protocol
OD Object Description
OD Object Dictionary
OSI Open System Interconnection
PD Physical Device
PD Tag Physical Device Tag
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PhPDU Physical Layer Protocol Data Unit
PHY Physical Layer
PICS Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
PID Proportional Integral Derivative (control algorithm)
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
PN Probe Node PDU
PR Probe Response PDU
PROP Proposed
PS Preliminary Specification
PT Pass Token
RCas Remote Cascade
RED Redundant
Ref Reference
REQ Request
RFC Request For Comments
RFU Reserved for Future Use
ROut Remote Output
RSE Remote Single Layer Embedded
RSP Response
RT Return Token
SM System Management
SMI Structure and Identification of Management Information
SMIB System Management Information Base
SMK System Management Kernel
SMKP System Management Kernel Protocol
SMKPM System Management Kernel Protocol Machine
SMPM Socket Mapping Protocol Machine
SNMP System Network Management Protocol
SNTP Simple Network Time Protocol
STD Standard
SUT System Under Test
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TD Time Distribution
TOS Type Of Service (IP definition)
TTCN Tree & Tabular Combined Notation
TTL Time To Live (IP definition)
UDP User Datagram Protocol
VCR Virtual Communication Relationship
VCRL Virtual Communication Relationship List
VFD Virtual Field Device
FF Acronyms in Book
A Arithmetic
AA Analog Alarm
AHI Analog Human Interface
AI Analog Input
AO Analog Output
Auto Automatic
BG Bias/Gain Station
C Calculate
CAO Complex Analog Output
Cas Cascade
CDO Complex Discrete Output
CS Control Selector
DA Digital Alarm
DC Device Control
DD Device Description
DHI Digital Human Interface
DI Discrete Input
DL Data Link
DO Discrete Output
DT Deadtime
FFB Flexible Function Block
FISCO Fieldbus Instrinsically Safe Concept
H1 Fieldbus Low Speed Data Network
HSE High Speed Ethernet
Iman Initialization Manual
IP Internet Protocol
IS Input Selector
IT Integrator (Totalizer)
LAS Link Active Schedule
LL Lead Lag Controller
LM Link Master
LO Local Override
LS Link Scheduling
MAC Management Access Control
MAI Multiple Analog Input Block
Man Manual
MAO Multiple Analog Output Block
MDI Multiple Discrete Input Block
MDO Multiple Discrete Output Block
MIB Management Information Base
ML Manual Loader
OOS Out Of Service
OS Output Splitter Block
PD Proportional Derivative
PD Process Data
PI Pulse Input
PID Proportional Integral Derivative
RA Ratio
RB Resource Block
RCas Remote Cascade
ROut Remote Output
RX Receive/Receiver
SC Signal Characterizer
SOPID Step Output PID
SRG Set Point Ramp Generator
SS Signal Splitter
STP Shielded Twisted Pair(s)
T Timer
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
TD Transducer Block
TX Transmit/ Transmitter
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair(s)
VCR Virtual Communication Resource
VFD Virtual Field Device
XD Transducer
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non-FF Acronyms in Book
AWG American Wire Gauge
DCS Distributed Control System
DCS Digital Control System
HMI Human Machine Interface
I/O Input/Output
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IS Intrinsically Safe
ISA Instrumentation, Systems, & Automation Society
ISO International Standards Organization
mA milliamps
NIS Non-Intrinsically Safe
OLE Object Linking and Embedded
OPC OLE for Process Control
PTB Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt
SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SP Set Point
VDC Volts Direct Current
XML eXtensible Mark-up Languange