Flame Scanner Principle

The flame scanner utilizes a new concept of the UV-flame radiation analysis. A photo element senses the modulated UV-radiation released during the fuel pyrolysis.

The intensity of flame depends on the concentration and modulation of the chemoluminescence radiation of the free radicals.(OH, CN, CH, C2 ).

Flame Scanner


This procedure bases on the chemical combustion process thus achieving a flame detection and selective burner monitoring which was not possible before. It furthermore supplies valuable information for the flame evaluation.

This technology bases on the application of a wide-band UV-semi-conductor element, which enables the evaluation of modulated UV-radiation, in difference to the usual small band tubes which are subject to wear.

To achieve a precision tuning of discrimination and flame evaluation even with different fuels, a dual channel adjustable sensitivity tuning enables the attentuation of the flame signal for the adaption of the specific fuel radiation.

Further function modes transfer rated digital signals to the flame amplifier.

source: BFI Automation