Foundation Fieldbus is preferred for the following reasons

Of all the technologies, Foundation Fieldbus is preferred for the following reasons:

  1. Well proven for process measurement and control application.

  2. Different from other technologies as it is not only a communication protocol but also a programming language for building control strategies.

  3. With FF, control can be distributed into field devices.

  4. It improves long term support of technology as fieldbus systems are software and firmware upgradeable.

  5. More efficient commissioning of new installations because the diagnostics identify connection errors after pre-configuration of transmitters.

  6. Increases reliability and availability of instruments of plants by predicting and minimizing end device problems.

  7. Enables integrated automated data collection for plant and maintenance management systems.

  8. Strong diagnostic capabilities. Tracks control valve performance characteristics, transmitter body temperatures, end-device health among other diagnostics. This reduces downtime and production losses. Field calibration of transmitters is not required.

  9. Reduces system hardware costs, cabinet size, cabling, spares inventory.

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