Free HMI and SCADA Software Download

The N-Designer HMI drawing program is free for anyone to use without authentication and can be monitored and controlled on PC, tablet or smart phone without limitation of number of tags, number of connected devices, continuous operation time and place.


Features : As follows

Operating Environment

The minimum operating environment of N-Designer program is compatible with Pentium 4 or higher, MS Windows 7 64 bit operating system, Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows Server2016.

Various Functions

Projects created with the N-Designer program can be monitored and controlled with N-Show, a PC monitoring program, and can be monitored and controlled simultaneously in the web browser and smartphone apps on the same screen without additional work.

The main functions of N-Designer program are not only basic functions of general HMI / SCADA, but also push alarm texts to smartphone app, multi-section monitoring (multiplex monitor configuration), monitoring with Google map, project encryption, trend, report function And so on.

Multiple Languages

Because WebN program supports multiple languages, it supports multiple languages in N-Designer and N-Show programs, and it can be written in multiple languages on the monitoring screen so that the screen can be changed to another language immediately while driving. The tool program is initially set to English, but you can use tool programs in other languages, such as Hangul, from the Change Language menu.

Basically, it provides two language resource files, English and Korean. Language resource files are provided as xml files, so you can add or change them in your preferred language by modifying them using programs such as MS Excel. There is no limit to the number of languages you can add.

Multiple PC Multi Monitor

The WebN program runs as one communication server program and provides the function to monitor and control using several PCs and several monitors at the same time. It is useful for building an integrated monitoring room because you can operate several PCs and monitors from one central console PC.


The communication interface that can be connected to N-Designer also supports Modbus (RTU, TCP), DDE, and some PLC-specific communication protocols. SIEMENS PLC, ABB PLC, MELSEC PLC, OPC-UA and MQTT will be developed in sequence.

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