Frequently Asked Questions on Control Valves


The below list provides the Frequently Asked Questions on Control Valves for examination preparation.

Questions on Control Valves

  1. Sketch the construction of a pneumatically actuated diaphragm type single-seated
    control valve.

  2. Discuss the construction, advantages and disadvantages of a double-seated control

  3. When would you recommend to use an air-to-close control valve? Give an example.

  4. Sketch and discuss the plug shapes and ideal flow characteristics of three different
    types of control valves.

  5. Discuss the ideal flow characteristics of an equal percentage valve.

  6. Define the term rangeability of a control valve. Why is the property important?

  7. How does the friction loss of a pipeline connecting the control valve affect the flow
    characteristics of the valve? Explain clearly.

  8. Distinguish between the terms- ideal characteristics and effective characteristics.

  9. What is the advantage of using a equal percentage valve over a linear valve?