Gearbox Questions and Answers

Gearbox Questions and Answers

1. What is backlash on a gearbox?

A. The angle the output shaft of a gearbox can rotate without the input shaft moving.
B. The angle the input shaft of a gearbox can rotate without the output shaft moving.
C. The angle the gears inside the gearbox can rotate.

2. What type of gearbox would be used for right angle applications?

A. Bevel gearbox
B. Planetary gearbox
C. Worm gearbox
D. Helical gearbox
E. A and C

3. Gearboxes can be controlled by _________ motors?

A. Stepper
B. Brushless
C. Brush
D. All of the above

4. The output speed of a gearbox is proportional to _____________?

A. Input shaft speed
B. Gear arrangement
C. Gear ratio
D. Torsional stiffness

5. What is NOT an advantage of a gearbox?

A. High efficiency
B. Increase/decrease of output torque
C. Increase/decrease of output speed
D. Less costly

6. If a brushless motor, rated for 4000 RPM, is combined with a gearbox with a gear ratio of 3:1, what will be the speed of the output shaft?

A. 4000 RPM
B. 12000 RPM
C. 1333 RPM

7. What is the difference between helical gears and spur gears ?

A. Helical gears are cut at angles while spur gears are cut straight.
B. Helical gears are cut straight and spur gears are cut at angles.
C. Helical gears are noisier than spur gears.

8. A gear train contains 2 spur gears. The input gear has 25 teeth and the output gear has 200 teeth. Calculate the gear ratio.

Gear Ratio = 200/25 = 8:1

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