How Nutating Disk Flow Meter Works?

This meter, also known as disk meter, is used extensively for residential water service. The moving assembly, which separates the fluid into increments consists of an assembly of a radially slotted disk with an integral ball bearing and an axial pin. Fig. shows the nutating disk type meter.

This part fits into and divides the metering chamber into four volumes, two above the disk on the inlet side and two below the disk on the outlet side. As the liquid attempts to flow through the meter, the pressure drop from inlet to outlet causes the disk to wobble or nutate, and for each cycle to display a volume equal to the volume of the metering chamber minus the volume of the disk assembly.

The end of the axial pin, which moves in a circular motion, drives a cam that is connected to a gear
train and the totalizing register.

Inaccuracy : ± 1 to 2%.
Temperature range : – 150 to 120°C.
Max working pressure : 10 kg/cm2.