How to access Analog output low and high on Programmable LED indicator?

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I am struggling to have access to the Analog output parameters on the Pr 5714D and I can not set the low and high parameters,I am using a transmitter (4-20 mA) as an input

Thanks in advance

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Are you talking about this, “Programmable LED indicator”?

Yes that’s the one I am talking about

You need to configure DI.LO & DI.HI parameters for getting adhered output.

Thanks for your reply I will try now and let you know

You wanna display Analog high & low values by providing analog input or wanna generate Analog high & low values of the analog output.

I want both because I want to have a reading on the display and an signal from the analog output I can use to my Scada System ,For that people will need to go to the field to know the reading

Ok good so you can change O.LO, O.HI, DI.LO & DI.HI parameters.

Thanks for your reply but for more clarification .I put some parameters already on the DILO (4mA) ,; DIH ((20mA) and OLO,OHI some parameters
I still not having a good ready on the Display and it is a brand new one
Thanks in advance

Which values are displayed before & after implementing parameters.

On the display if i put as I said before

  • DILO:4mA ;DHI:20mA
  • OLO 28.6 ;OHI:42
    I still after that reading on display :: 64,5 but not as a fixed value