How-to select Pyrometer?

How-to select Pyrometer ?

  • Temperature Range:
    Basic requirement to choose a pyrometer is to know the temperature range of the application.

  • Spectral range:
    The material of the measured object demands the correct selection of spectral range of pyrometer.

  • Field of View (D: S ratio):
    The larger the measuring distance/spot size (D:S) ratio the higher the optical resolution. The spot size has to be as big as the measured object to achieve a correct temperature measurement.

  • Sighting:
    For easy focusing of pyrometers to measure object, different sighting system are available i.e. aiming and View finder.

  • Records of the data:
    Data logging and companion software for data storage, retrieval and analysis.

  • Calibration of Pyrometer:
    A Pyrometer should be calibrated at desired temperature ranges.

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