Hydraulic and Pneumatic circuits MCQ


Hydraulic and pneumatic circuits MCQ

Select the most appropriate answer from the multiple choices given:

1.A compound, balanced piston (or spool) pressure relief valve is balanced by:

a. flow
b. stroke.
c. pressure.
d. spring force.
e. spool size.

2.What is adjusted to regulate flow in the pressure compensated, by-pass type, flow control
valve illustrated by the symbols shown?


a. flow orifice.
b. relief to drain.
c. compensator spring.
d. pilot pressure to compensator.
e. vent pressure to compensator

3.If only the piston seal in the figure shown were to leak, theoretically the cylinder rod would:


a. lock up. completely.
b. drift in. completely.
c. retract completely.
d. leak fluid.
e. remain stationary.

4.Which one of the following valves uses a check to isolate part of the circuit?

a. brake.
b. unloading.
c. counterbalance.
d. pressure relief.
e. pressure reducing.

5.Which load holding valve is used to lock a cylinder in place so it will hold position without drift?

a. brake.
b. sequence.
c. unloading.
d. pilot check.
e. counterbalance.

6.A limit switch is used to:

a. start the control circuit.
b. close the relay contacts.
c. signal the end of an event.
d. move the solenoid armature.
e. indicate when the circuit is energized.

7.Which pressure gauge in the figure shown could read the highest pressure?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5

8.The most common hydraulic fluid is:

a. mineral oil.
b. synthetic fluid.
c. water.

9.The main reason for the hydraulic tank is to:

a. hold enough fluid for the circuit.
b. deaerate the returned fluid.
c. cool the fluid.

10.What five characteristics does the valve below have?


a. Normally open, 4-way, 2 position, detent, hydraulically actuated
b. Normally open, two-way, three position, spring return, solenoid actuated
c. Normally closed, two position, two-way, spring return, solenoid actuated
d. Normally open, two position, two-way, spring return, hydraulically actuated


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