Important Instrumentation Interview Questions for Graduates

This articles provides some basic Important Instrumentation Interview Questions for Graduates who are appearing for the interviews.

This post is on behalf of gunjan(guest) who asked a question “can anyone suggest me some good interview question for my coming interview”.

Mr.Gunjan most of the HR peoples who come for interviewing will first raise a question to you like this “ which is your favorite subject in instrumentation ? Or he will simply ask you, I don’t know about your course can you brief me about instrumentation?” and based on your answer he or she will ask most of questions from your favorite subject only. So make sure you will be telling a subject what you know best.

And some people will simply prepare a list of question and they will ask you to answer it, don’t worry. I have answer collected a list of Instrumentation Interview questions that you have to know,

  1. What is Instrumentation Engineering and what it is about?

Looks like a simple question but if you answer with simple English, your hr will use your answer to judge your subject knowledge.

  1. What is a process variable, set-point, Zero error?

If your HR is from company like ESSAR steels where process control instrumentation is used, he will sure ask this question

  1. What are the devices used to measure pressure?

  2. What is the need for used 4-20mA signal and why is 0-10V signal not used?

A very famous question asked by experienced HRs

  1. Different Types of Control systems?

  2. Difference between PLC and DCS.

  3. Classification of Feedback Control system.

  4. What are the three Laws of Thermocouples?

He or she will expect that you will atleast tell the names of the laws.

  1. Which is best flow meter to measure the flow of fluids?

This is an application oriented question, if the fluid is a mixture of water and flour what is the flow meter that you will suggest.
You can share your answer to the questions using the below comments form. After a week, I will update this post with your best correct answers.