Instrumentation and Control Engineering Softwares

In this post, i wish to share some softwares related to Instrumentation and control. The Software that we will be discussing about are Lab View, MATLAB, Scilab, Measurement Studio and PSpice


LabView Stands for Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench. It is mostly used for automating the usage of processing and measuring equipments in all the laboratory setup. It is used in the field of Industrial automation, Instrument control, data acquisition and more.

It runs on variety of platforms like Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux and Apple Mac X.

Software Website:
You can download the Student edition, if interested from here:


MATLAB is a computing language and interactive environment for data visualization, algorithm development, data analysis and full of numeric computation. It is mostly used for image processing, communication, test and measurements, control design and much more.

MATLAB runs on Microsoft Windows and Latest Verions released on march 2010 supports Mac.

Software Website :
Trail version is also available


Scilab is a numerical computation package which is very important in instrumentation and control engineering. It is also used in data analysis, signal processing, simulation of fluid dynamics and image enhancement.

It is a open source software alternative for MATLAB.

Software website :
It is completely free, you can download it from here

Measurement Studio:

It is a child software from National Instruments which integrates with visual studio software, highly recommended for Visual studio .net programmers. It is compeletly designed for engineers and scientists building test, measurement, and control applications in Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005.

Software website :
Trail Version is available here :

PSpice :

This software is developed to run on personal computers hence the letter P is capitalized. This software is a analog circuit and digital logic simulation software. It is used for electronic design automation.

It runs on windows os, sun workstation and Apple Mac

Download a free student version here: