Instrumentation Engineering MCQ Questions Answers for competitive exams


Instrumentation Engineering MCQ Questions Answers for competitive exams

Question 1

The average power delivered to an impedance (4—j3) Ω by a current 5cos (100πt÷100) A is

A 44.2 W
B 50 W
C 62.5 W
D 125 W

Question 2

The output Y of a 2-bit comparator is logic 1 whenever the 2-bit input A is greater than the 2-hit input B. The number of combinations for which the output is logic 1, is:

A 4
B 6
C 8
D 10

Question 3

A psychometric chart is used to determine

A pH
B Sound velocity in glasses
C CO2 concentration
D Relative humidity

Question 4

An LED emitting at 1μm with a spectral width of 50nm is used in a Michelson Interferometer. To obtain a sustained interference, the maximum optical path difference between the two arms of the interferometer is:

A 200μm
B 2μm
C 1μm
D 50μm

Question 5

Light of wavelength 630nm in vacuum, falling normally on a biological specimen of thickness 10pm, splits into two beams that are polarized at right angles. The refractive indexes of the tissue for the two polarizations are 1.32 and 1.333. When the two beams emerge, they are out of phase by:

A 0.13°
B 74.3°
C 90.0°
D 128.6°

Question 6

A double convex lens is used to couple a laser beam of diameter 5mm into an optical fiber with a numerical aperture of 0.5. The minimum focal length of the lens that should be used In order to focus the entire beam into the fiber is:

A 1.44mm
B 2.50mm
C 4.33mm
D 5.OOmm

Question 7

An analog voltmeter uses external multiplier settings. With a multiplier setting of 20kΩ, it reads 440V and with a multiplier setting of 80kΩ, it reads 352V. For a multiplier setting of 40kΩ, the voltmeter reads:

A 371V
B 383V
C 394V
D 406V

Question 8

With 1OV dc connected at port A, the current drawn by 7ohms connected at port B is:

A 3/7A
B 5/7A
C 1A
D 9/7A

Question 9

For the same network, with 6V dc connected at port A, 1ohm connected at port B draws 7/3A. If 8V dc is connected to port A, the open circuit voltage at port B is:

A 6V
B 7V
C 8V
D 9V

Question 10

The translation S of the spot of laser on the photo-detector when a force of F=1N is applied to the cantilever is:

A 1mm
B 3mm
C 6mm
D 12mm

Question 11

The power factor of the load is

A 0.45
B 0.50
C 0.55
D 0.60

Question 12

Choose the most appropriate alternative from the options given below to complete the following sentence:If the tried soldier wanted to lie down, he the mattress out on the balcony

A should take
B shall take
C should have taken
D will have taken

Question 13

One of the parts (A, B, C, D) in the sentence given below contains an ERROR. Which one the following is INCORRECT? I requested that he should be given the driving test today instead of tomorrow.

A requested that
B should be given
C the driving test
D instead of tomorrow

Question 14

Which one of the following options is the closest in meaning to the word given below?

A Eligibility
B Freedom
C Coercion
D Meticulousness

Question 15

Raju has 14 currency notes in his pocket consisting of only Rs.20 notes and Rs. 10 notes. The total money value of the notes Is Rs.230. The number of Rs. 10 notes that Raju has is

A 5
B 6
C 9
D 10


1 - b
2 - b
3 - d
4 - d
5 - c
6 - b
7 - d
8 - c
9 - b
10 - b
11 - a
12 - c
13 - b
14 - b
15 - a