InTools Create Instrument Type

Learn how to create instrument type in InTools software. Also create tag, loop, from loop : 001-v-100 referring to the below table.

Instrument Type

  1. Create SDV: click Index> Table> Instrument type> on Process function choose general> new> type like no. 6 “SDV”> P1 = Project 1 ( to differentiate with the other )

InTools Create Instrument type - 1

  1. on general tab> location, choose field & beacuse SDV as a valve not have I / O on the wiring control tab just empty it> apply> OK.

InTools Create Instrument type - 2

  1. SDV has been made> apply> OK

  1. Create SDY> Process function> General> new> type like no.3> Profile

  1. on the general tab> system I / O type: DO> Location field

  1. On the Wiring & Control System tab> follow this picture:

  1. continues with:

  1. wiring for SDY has been made> apply> ok

for SDV & SDY type instruments already done, but for ZSC, ZSO, ZIC, & ZIO not yet (See +++ )
to create ZSC & ZSO (I / O = DI) the to make it is the same as making SDY ( I / O = DO)

to create ZIC and ZIO (without I / O beacuse soft tags) is the same way as making SDV (without I / O becuase it is a valve)

Credit: timothy leonard

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