InTools Tutorial - Device Panel and Field Wiring

Intools provide feature for wiring works, such as creating wiring diagram for junction box or cabinet, loop diagram and cable schedule. The interesting thing is once you create a wired instrument tag number such as transmitter, switch, solenoid; Intools will automatically generate the device panel and its field run cable if you have defined the setting previously. This setting is done on instrument type setting section.

However some engineers often forget to set it in the beginning and just realize that the cable is missing when working in wiring and after creating the tag number in Intools. Rather than creating and renaming a single cable under the wiring module, it is preferred to rectify the instrument type and then generate the device and cable via index module to eliminate some issue in the future which is related to wiring works and loop diagram generation.

The following step describe how to re-generate device panel and cable if you have created the tag number:

  1. Go to instrument type section
    Open instrument index module >> Action >> Instrument Type…

  1. Click profile on the selected instrument type
    On Wiring and Control System Tab, make sure the “include wiring”, “control system” and Default device panel is properly filled

  1. Go to instrument index browser
    Open instrument index module >> Browse >> Right click on the selected tag number >> Select Generate Device Panel and Cable

InTools Tutorial - Device Panel and Field Wiring

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