Lock-out Procedure

A lock-out procedure is required to prevent accidental operation or energizing of equipment which could cause injury or damage.

A “lock-out” device is a mechanism or arrangement that allows the use of key operated padlocks to hold a switch lever or valve handle in the “OFF” position.

All equipment having moving parts driven by electric motors or similar drivers or containing elements or parts which may be electrically charged will be deactivated so that they cannot be started or charged during inspection. maintenance or repairs.

Whenever accidental or inadvertent operation or energizing of equipment can cause injury or equipment damage the equipment must be physically padlocked out of service. This will generally apply whenever an employee is required to clean, repair, dismantle, service or inspect equipment or systems.

In most cases this lock-out procedure only applies to electrical lock-out However, valves are included in some situations as explained in item 2.2 of this procedure.