Modbus Questions and Answers

This articles provides you the MODBUS Questions and answers for the examinations or interview preparation.

Modbus Questions and Answers

Every question have 3 options, you can say like a , b, c… You can find the answers at the end of the article.

1 What three things make up a modbus frame?

address, function code and data
address, transaction code and data
data, function code and window size

2 How many remote relays can an elite unit support?


3 What two things, roughly, are key factors in terms of performance of a modbus tcp/ip system ?

the network and hardware
switches and hubs
modbus server and wiring closet

4 What is the nominal range of an elite wireless modbus master?


5 What was one of the key factors hindering Ethernets as automation networks?

hardware available
the topologies that could be used
its inability to guarantee response times

6 What network device is often deployed in Modbus TCP/IP networks to separate fast response devices from bulk data transport devices?


7 Which one of these is a β€œreal world” application for modbus TCP/IP?

performing maintenance and repair on remote devices
sending router updates
separating data traffic

8 Which of these businesses are most likely to use Modbus TCP/IP?

power stations
leisure industries

9 Modbus tcp/ip is:?

a protocol
a type of switch

10 Modbus TCP/IP was mainly developed from which other protocol?

Modbus ASCII
Modbus RTU
Modbus PLC

Modbus Answers

answer[1] = β€œa”;
answer[2] = β€œc”;
answer[3] = β€œa”;
answer[4] = β€œb”;
answer[5] = β€œc”;
answer[6] = β€œc”;
answer[7] = β€œa”;
answer[8] = β€œa”;
answer[9] = β€œa”;
answer[10] = β€œb”;