Mosquito repeller electronic Project

A simple mini project on creating mosquito repeller.

Mosquito repeller basically consists of two important parts, they are heater and mat. Heater is used to heat the mat such that the chemical particles which are D-Elithrin in the mat vaporizes and gets mixed in the air. An 8.2K/7W flat shaped resistance is used as main heating component. Copper or aluminum metal plate is placed just above the flat shaped resistance so that the copper or aluminum gets heated but the heat from the resistor should not pass to the metal plate directly, for that purpose a mica sheet is used in between them.

LED with a main lead is connected to a 100k/1/4W resistor so that it can be used as a power indicator which indicates the power supply flow inside the circuit. When the supply is given to the circuit the resistor blocks a massive amount of current flow through it which results in the heat and since the metal plate is kept above the resistor, the heat is transformed to the plate and the mosquito mat which is placed in the metal plate slowly gets heated and the D-Elithrin chemical which mosquito don’t like is mixed up with the air and as a result mosquito is avoided in that place.