Motor Control Functional Testing

Below is the method of the Motor control functional test

  • set the isolator of the RCU in the field to open position

  • remove the lock out tag out (LOTO), then rack in the feeder and close the isolator on the draw-out unit.

  • measure the incoming voltage, check the phase sequence of the incoming power at field

  • Open the isolator at draw-out unit

  • Closed the isolator at the RCU

  • Closed the isolator at the draw-out unit

  • initiate start at the substation

  • verify the rotation of the motor, if the rotation is correct direction

  • then verify the running signal of the motor if it is link to DCS

  • initiate trip at the substation draw-out unit

  • verify the status of the motor at the field as well as in the DCS

  • reset trip at substation draw-out unit

  • verify again the status in DCS

  • initiate start in the field (RCU)

  • verify the status at DCS, if confirmed running signal

  • then stop the motor at RCU and verify the status in DCS if confirmed

  • Open the isolator in substation draw-unit and rack out

  • Put Lock out tag out (LOTO)

  • Test complete

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