Natural Gas Moisture Analyzer Sampling System

The Natural Gas Moisture Analyzer Sampling System consists of:

  • An inlet shutoff valve for convenience and safety while servicing.
  • A particulate / coalescing filter equipped with a drain valve and flow meter to allow a small
  • flow through the drain as to eliminate any possibility of liquid carryover.
  • A pressure regulator and indicator, for lowering the sample pressure to near atmospheric.
  • A heat exchanger to compensate for Joule-Thomson cooling effects.
  • A pressure relief valve for safety.
  • Explosion proof Moisture Analyzer with built-in sample cell (fig-2).
  • A metering valve and flow meter for flow control of the gas being measured.
  • An explosion proof junction box for electrical connections.
  • An environmentally sealed overall enclosure.

Fig - 2

The PhyMetrix Sample System is designed to perform the measurement close to atmospheric pressure by regulating down the sample gas.

This decreases the likelihood of liquid contaminants (they are vaporized) as well as it reduces the concentration of water vapor and of H2S thus the likelihood of corrosives forming is also reduced and sensor life is prolonged.

Due to the unique design of the PhyMetrix sensor, Glycol filtration is not needed. The absence of a Glycol filter facilitates faster measurements.

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